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BOMS-Dill Natural Plants 20g X 5 - 100g
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Do your want to help your Body to resist Infection?

Dill is organic natural plant that can help your body resist all kinds of infection.

Apart from helping your body get a significant boost of vitamin C, Dill is an important antioxidant that helps your body to resist infection.

Dill is also a good source of fiber, folate (important for cell division and production of DNA), calcium for healthy bones, riboflavin for cell function and development, manganese, and iron.

Dill has the ability to boost digestion, as well as provide relief from insomnia, hiccups, diarrhea, dysentery, menstrual disorders, respiratory disorders, and various types of cancers.

❖ May Reduce Menstrual Cramps

❖ Helps reduce depression

❖ Lowers cholesterol

❖ Natural Repellent

❖ May treat epilepsy

❖ Source of energy

❖ Contains Antimicrobial effects

❖ Protects against free radicals.

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