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Rida Herbal Bitters - 30ML
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RIDA HERBAL BITTERS is a perfect mix of carefully researched & selected Herb and Root Extracts to help you stay healthy daily.

RIDA Herbal Bitters with its feel and taste gives a unique user experience. The taste is slightly sweet in the mouth, mildly bitter in the throat, gentle on the tongue, but effective, fast acting, and is harmful to organisms that hinder general health and well-being.

More Safety : We have set up our factory using ISO standards to ensure every drop of RIDA in your mouth is SAFE! We have made it about MORE to ensure it is a winner in the market.

RIDA has several amazing antibacterial,
Antisickling and Antimalarial properties.

Health benefits of Rida herbal bitters includes but not limited to:

- Reduce Risk of Heart Related Diseases (such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke etc)
- Boost the Immune System
- Prevents and treats Malaria and Typhoid
- Effective for the treatment of Diabetes
- Treats Arthritis and much more.

RIDA is a Bitters you can trust.......ORDER NOW

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